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About Us


We know that animals of all kinds tend to feel nervous when brought into an animal hospital, even if it's just for a visit. Rest assured that we will do our best to make them feel comfortable and at ease. We understand how stressful it can be to have a pet who isn't feeling well. Our priority is diagnosing the issue as quickly as possible, teaching you about the problem and informing you of the best choices for your pet's healthcare. We are very passionate about quality veterinary care. When you bring your pet to the Veterinarian at Lake Oconee you will be greated by friendly, knowledgeable staff members. We offer a wide range of services, and hope that we can become the trusted family physician for you fur babies. If you would like to know more about the clinic, please give us a call at 706-623-2440

More About Us
  • For furry family members, a trip to see the veterinarian is inevitable. Yes, it’s stressful for them, but what about us humans? We’re often as stressed and scared as our beloved animal companions. Dr. Scott Gibson (a devoted pet owner himself) gets us. He provides not only the most compassionate and professional small animal care in Greene & Putnam Counties, but empathy and thoughtfulness to his human “clients” as well. His warm friendliness puts his patients and their “parents” at ease immediately, and his kindness, sincerity, and gentle humor inspire trust and confidence that your best friend is in the best hands. Do yourself and your pet a favor: for the best in care, consideration, and education, join Dr Gibson’s extended family of happy, enthusiastic pets and their delighted owners.
    Bob Sharpe - Hillsboro, GA
  • Cynthia Wallace - Eatonton, GA
    Everyone loves their pets, they are family.  So it is of upmost concern for us pet parents to find the very best health care for our beloved pets.  That is without a doubt  what you will find with Dr. Scott Gibson.  The compassion, attention, wisdom and love is what he offers our animals.  He takes each animal and treats them like they are also his family.  About 5 years ago on a Sunday one of my dogs got a fishhook stuck in his lip…he did not send me to another facility he met me and removed the fishhook.  In looking for a Vet this is the type of Vet every animal deserves. Dr. Scott Gibson is simply the very best!
    Cynthia Wallace - Eatonton, GA
  • Dr. Richard Halley - Milledgeville, GA
    I am writing to let his new clients know how much I appreciate the skillful diagnostic skills and dedication of Dr. Scott Gibson.  He is personable with both the humans who bring their animals to his care and the animals, whom he invariably addresses by name. We have had our animals in his care for over thirteen years even though it was a 35 minute drive to get to him.  He once spent 6 hours removing painful cysts from one of our dogs who had them as a genetic problem.  He has always called personally to check on a pet that he has had to do work on.  One time during a trip to Austria I was walking thought a crowded area and heard someone calling my name.  It was Scott.  He and his wife were on a trip there also.  I highly recommend this caring professional to care for your pets.
    Dr. Richard Halley - Milledgeville, GA
  • Janet and George Boccagno - Eatonton, GA
    I am writing to tell everyone what a wonderful, kind, and humane doctor Scott Gibson is. My husband and I have known Dr Gibson for many years. He has seen us on many, many visits as we have always had multiple dogs! Our visits would be humorous or in some cases we would be heartbroken beyond belief and Dr Gibson would be compassionate. I can't think of better qualities in a human being.
    Janet and George Boccagno - Eatonton, GA
  • Cheryl Stringfield - Buckhead, GA
    Dr. Scott Gibson has been our Veterinarian for over 10 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and is always professional. He is compassionate and caring with all animals, and is considerate of us as pet parents as well! We can’t recommend him highly enough.
    Cheryl Stringfield - Buckhead, GA
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